SCORE Physical Therapy is doing telehealth online. We are licensed in the state of Arizona, California, Colorado, and Oklahoma. At SCORE Physical Therapy, "Personal Health and Wellness" is our commitment to our patients. That's because every patient is different and has different needs. We are able to treat complex cases online and welcome you to come stay healthy and get strong with us.

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This is the famous SCORE Physical Therapy alignment exercise protocol.

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This is the famous SCORE Physical Therapy alignment exercise protocol.

Elbow-tennis or golfers elbow

This is for anyone that’s having symptoms in the inside or outside of your elbow. Also, if you’re having numbness and tingling in your third and fourth digit of your hand.


Learn how to align your spine.

Atlas C2 C3

Exercises for Atlas, C2, and C3.


Complete List of Available Equipment:

Orthotics $200

Vibrating wand for $60.

Kegel weights for $50

Neck Stabilizer $9.99 Floatie Tube Noodle

Rocco Balls $15

Medium D $80

Large D $120

Lubricant $13

Vaginal Balm $25

👍🏻Quickie Osteoporosis

This is a quick video of the most important exercises to do to build bone density and prevent osteoporosis.


This is a total body exercise program that can be incorporated in your daily routine. We sprinkle are exercises throughout the day so we don’t have to do a big time commitment.

👍🏻SI Stabilzation

This therapeutic exercise protocol will show you how to align and stabilize your sacroiliac joint pubic synthesis, and pelvic girdle.

👍🏻Serratus-Fix It

This video is for anyone with a winging scapula. If you have a functional scoliosis, pain in your thoracic spine, ribs out, shoulder or neck pain. This video is for you.

👍🏻Pelvic Floor Therapeutic Ex

Exercises for the pelvic floor region.

👍🏻Trigger point-Facial/Neck muscles

This is for the TMJ, headache, and neck pain patient. You will learn the muscles and where they refer pain and how you can treat them with trigger point release.

👍🏻Donald Duck therapeutic Ex

Donald Duck therapeutic exercises


This is a video to help prevent a total hip replacement. FAI femoral acetabular impingement and there are exercises in this webinar to show you how to prevent further degeneration of the hip joint and to avoid a total hip replacement.

👍🏻Scapula Stability Midback Mobility

Exercises for shoulder stability and mid back mobility. If you have pain in your bed back it may be due to your serratus anterior being weak causing winging of the scapula. It could also be caused by the rhomboids being weak because of forward shoulder posture.

Lateral Sling-IT band, glut med, quadratus

This is for anyone that has pain in their outside of their hip, the outside the buttocks, and radiating down in her their lateral side to the knee. The muscles involved are the quadratus lumborum, gluteus medius, piriformis, tensor fascia latae , and the nonexistent gluteus maximus.

Leg Strengthening

This video is for people that need leg strengthening either from sedentary occupation, sciatica, or generalized lower extremity weakness.

Vertigo Dizzy Tinnitus Ear fullness or pain

What could be causing this? Muscle, vestibular, mechanical, alignment,?

Balance Exercises

Exercises for balance

👍🏻Book-Best Exercise Program for Osteoporosis Prevention

All the research from the BEST osteoporosis program from the University of Arizona. Featuring our own team members as authors…

Dr. Tim Lohman and Terri Guido PT. .

If interested in purchasing this book, $30.00

Please email Dr. Tim Lohman at

👍🏻Dr. Lohman Osteoporosis Prevention with Dr. Tim Lohman

Osteoporosis prevention exercises and ways to measure risk of fracture based on osteoporosis with Dr. Tim Lohman.


BEST Osteoporsis Exercise Program. Dr. Tim Lohman and Terri Guido, PT.

L5-S1 Disc Degeneration

If you are a Donald duck and you have a swayback you have the possibility of wearing out the L5 S one disc. For prevention you do this at a young age and you want to restore the normal curvature to the lumbar spine and bring the sacrum down with these exercises.


Exercises for sciatica.

Plantar fasciitis

Therapeutic exercises for plantar fasciitis.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Exercises for carpal tunnel syndrome.

HIP Advanced Strengthening

This video teaches range of motion for external and internal rotation of the hip to know how you’re supposed to do your hip Stabilization routine. This is an advanced program to stabilize and strengthen your hip joint. Avoid degeneration!


This video shows you how to strengthen your upper body. Most of us have a weak upper body from our sedentary occupations and our lifestyles. Learn how to get a strong healthy upper body.

Adductor Stretch Strengthening

This educational therapeutic exercises for stretching and strengthening the adductor muscles. Those are the muscles of the inner thigh and groin. Important for hip stability and range of motion.


Video for stretches.

👍🏻Anterior Sling

Anterior sling is the external and internal obliques and the adductor on the opposite side. This will strengthen your lower abdominals.

👍🏻Quicky ABS

This is the SCORE recommended abdominal exercises. Including anterior sling, external and internal obliques, and the transverse abdominus.

Abdominal Core Strength

Exercises for core strength. Never ever ever do a sit up again, it is so bad for your cervical spine. Learn why. We need to D train the muscles of the anterior part of the neck. Core strength you need strength in the rectus abdominis transverse abdominis, external and internal obliques, diaphragm, pelvic floor, and the multifidus.

Hamstring Strain Strengthening

This is for acute hamstring strains. Like bicyclist, gymnastics, and hikers. Also, for all you Donald Ducks out there!

👍🏻Piriformis Syndrome

Exercises for piriformis syndrome

👍🏻Knee Noises Crunchy clicking popping

This exercise session is for people that have knee clicking or popping. Grading behind the kneecap. It’s a very gentle exercise session that will not cause any flareups. Great for arthritic knees.

Hip Spine Mobility

Exercises for hip spine mobility

Anterior Hip Pain

Exercises for anterior hip pain.

Adductor Hip

You need this exercise therapeutics for preventing hip degeneration also for aligning the pelvis.

👍🏻Wrist Hand Nerve Glides

This webinar is to determine whether your hand wrist pain is coming from muscles: scalene‘s, subclavius, serratus, infraspinatus, latissimus, brachialis, and coracobrachialis. They all referred pain into the hand. The medial, radial, and ulnar nerve can also be in trapped. And there can also be arthritis, degeneration, and hypermobility issues.

Shoulder Snapping

Does your shoulder click pop for snap? Find out why and what you can do.

Shoulder Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercises for your shoulder.

👍🏻Thoracic outlet syndrome

Exercises for thoracic outlet syndrome.

TMJ Clicking

Does your jaw (TMJ) pop click or make grinding noises? Find out why and what you could do about it.


Exercises for TMJ

👍🏻Dr. Freda Blake Progressive Relaxation
Progressive Relaxation is an effective exercise for reducing stress and relieving pain. This 30 min video is guided by Dr. Freda Harper Blake, clinical psychologist and expert in this field.
Neck Package

Currently Available:

This is the neck exercise equipment to stabilize your cervical spine. Package includes a floaty, a noodle, and a theratube. You’ll be instructed in the use by your physical therapist.

Please contact Freda for purchasing.

Neck Stabilizer $9.99 Floatie TheraTube Noodle

All Equipment

Currently Available:

Vibrating wand for $60

Kegel weights for $50

Please contact Freda

Need assistance?

Complete List of Available Equipment:

Orthotics $200

Vibrating wand for $60.

Kegel weights for $50

Neck Stabilizer $9.99 Floatie Tube Noodle

Rocco Balls $15

Medium D $80

Large D $120

Lubricant $13

Vaginal Balm $25

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